Looking for a Fiction Editor?

Thank you for your interest in Fiction Fix-It Shop. Since 2006, I have enjoyed working with writers to make their books better. Fiction Fix-It Shop has been a source of pride and joy for me, and I’ve learned so much from my clients—maybe even more than they’ve learned from me!

After 11 years, I’ve decided to retire from editing. I’m going to be focusing on my own writing as well as some other personal interests.

However, I can whole-heartedly recommend my colleague and dear friend, Sharon Hinck, who has been a Fiction Fix-It Shop editor since 2009. As a published author and long-time editor, she is thorough, insightful, encouraging, and so very kind. She is eager to assist you in content/substantive editing or line editing.


To contact her directly, just click here and fill out the form.


Again, thank you for stopping by. I wish you all the best in your writing!


Meredith Efken

Owner, Fiction Fix-It Shop